Not only is yogurt a wonderful quick, easy and nutritious snack that is available year-round, but researchers are finding evidence that yogurt may actually add years to your and our pets lives.

     Health Benefits:
       A food ranking system qualified yogurt as a very good source of calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin-vitamin B2 and iodine. It is also a good source of vitamin B12, pantothenic acid-vitamin B5, zinc, potassium, protein and molybdenum. These 10 nutrients alone would make yogurt a health-supportive food. But some of the most interesting health information comes from a different context-its potential inclusion of live bacteria.

       Fermented dairy products have been consumed for thousands of years. One of the first records of consumption comes from the Middle East during the times of the Conqueror Genghis Khan in the 13th century, whose armies were sustained by this healthful food. Yogurt and other fermented dairy products has long been a staple in the diets of cultures of the Middle East, Asia, Russia and Eastern European countries. Yet, the recognition of yogurt's special health benefits did not become apparent in Western Europe and North America until the 20th century. Dr. Metchnikoff conducted research on the health benefits of lactic acid-producing bacteria and postulated that the longevity of peoples of certain cultures, such as the Bulgarians, was related to their high consumption of yogurt & fermented dairy products. Our yogurt dip does contain trace amounts of Vanillin and is Human Grade Quality and the best that can be found in the market today. Currently there are no manufacturers producing it without Vanillin. Any bakery that claims to be All Natural and uses yogurt without disclosing this to you is not being entirely truthful about their product's ingredients. We have gone to great lengths to obtain and provide the absolute finest ingredients and value our own integrity immensely. We hope you find this information valuable when shopping for your four legged loved ones!