There are a number of different types and sources of molasses and some have already had the maximum amount of sugar removed and will therefore not be sweet. There are two main types of organic molasses: HTM (High Test Molasses) and Black Strap Molasses.

     Health  Benefits:
       Organic Blackstrap molasses has a rich, full bodied flavor that adds natural color to food. It is the end product, or by-product, of the production of sugar and contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements naturally found in the sugar cane plant and is a good source of iron, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Because it is an end-product all the ingredients, residues, and toxins in the plant can be concentrated in the molasses. For this reason it is important to purchase organic molasses.

       A century ago, molasses was a standard sweetener, eaten by many on a daily basis. People bought it in bulk, gallons at a time, rather than in petite 12-ounce jars and used it in many different ways.