Carob is a wonderful substitute for cocoa, because it contains fewer calories, is naturally sweet, and, unlike cocoa or sweet chocolate, it does NOT contain Theobromine, an alkaloid that Dogs can't metabolize. If a Dog ingests large amounts of Theobromine it will build up and reach a toxic concentration level, leading to cardiac arrest. Also, unlike cocoa and chocolate, Carob does not interfere with the body's assimilation of calcium.

     Theobromine is in All Chocolate except "Compound White Chocolate." Be sure it is compound white chocolate as there are different processing methods and types of white chocolate out there as well. Carob is also caffeine-free and non addictive.   

 Health Benefits:
   Carob is rich in Protein, Tannins and Fiber. It's loaded with Vitamin's A, B1, B2, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Niacin. It is also considered a remarkable ant diarrheal. Carob is considered a demulcent, a medicine with soothing, mucilaginous qualities that shield mucous membranes from irritating substances. In France, some early research indicates that Carob may be helpful in stimulating inactive kidneys and may be effective in cases of chronic kidney failure.  

   Although the root system grows deeply, the trees cannot tolerate water logging and thrive best in hot climates. It is drought-resistant and well adapted to its native Mediterranean region and it's one of the few trees growing in the desert regions of South America. Carob pods grow on a dome-shaped evergreen tree with dark green compound leaves. The tree may reach a towering height of nearly fifty feet and is native to the Mediterranean region of southeastern Europe and western Asia, and has been widely cultivated in those areas since ancient times for its edible pods.