Agave Nectar is made from the extract of the wild Agave plant  and is suitable for any sweetening use. The nectar has many fine qualities.  Foremost among them are the certified purity, both Organic and Kosher.  Agave Nectar is wonderful as an alternative sweetener.

Health Benefits:   It has a lower glycemic index than honey and although it is sweeter than honey,  it offers equivalent sweetness for nearly half the amount of carbohydrate  calories. In simple terms, it does not create a "sugar rush."

Uses:   This new sweetener is slightly less viscous than honey, lending  to its ease of use and it will not crystallize. It is high in purity and stable  in composition. The light variety has a wonderfully pleasant flavor that will  enhance anything it sweetens. The amber variety has a natural flavor best  described as maple-like.

This  pure, unrefined sweetener is a great-tasting, economical alternative to all  other sweeteners, granular or liquid, perfect for all around use. It has approx  1.4 x the sweetening power of white sugar. And, Agave Nectar's mild flavor  doesn't vary widely which will lend a real consistency to recipes.

History:   Agave nectar is a newly created sweetener, having been developed  during the 1990's. During the late 90's, a shortage of blue agave resulted in  huge increases in cost and a sweetener based on this plant became uneconomical.  Further research was done and a method using wild agave was developed.

Interestingly, the production of agave nectar is very similar to how a bee  creates honey. The bee adds enzymes to the complex sugars of nectar, which  changes it into the simple sugars making honey. It is also through enzymatic  action that the complex sugar found in agave juice is changed into a simple  sugar sweetener - Agave Nectar.